Employment Law

Wollongong City Lawyers can provide advice to employers and employees in relation to workplace legislation and employment law.

Wollongong City Lawyers provides advice on a range of workplace and employment law matters. We can provide legal advice to employees or businesses.

We can:

  • Prepare employment contracts on behalf of businesses
  • Negotiate the terms of employment contracts on behalf of employees
  • Provide advice on Workplace Health and Safety matters and other employment laws
  • Advise on employee entitlements including rates of pay, sick leave, annual leave, flexible work arrangements and more
  • Develop workplace manuals, policies and procedures
  • Advise on termination of an employee
  • Prepare or advise on deeds of release
  • Provide advice on redundancy matters
  • Prepare confidentiality agreements



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We can provide advice to employees and businesses on workplace law.

Workplace Investigations


Our lawyers are experienced at providing advice to businesses and employees on workplace investigations. We can:

  • advise employees on their rights during an investigation,
  • support employers conducting their own internal investigations who may require guidance through the process, or
  • conduct investigations on behalf of employers.

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The Fair Work Ombudsman also provides information on workplace rights and obligations