Transferring Property

Do you need to transfer the title of your home to another person, or would you like to add someone as a joint owner? We can help you.

We can assist with transferring property:


Transferring property between family members – eg parent to child

Transferring property from one person to joint parties – eg a man owns a property and after getting married he wants to add his wife as an owner

Transferring property between spouses after divorce

Transferring property from joint names to one party after the death of a spouse – eg husband wants to transfer title of the home to his sole name after the death of his wife

Transferring property to an executor or third party beneficiary under a will


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Yes – we offer fixed price conveyancing!

What is involved?


We will:

Conveyancing Lawyers Wollongong draft the paperwork required including consent orders for family law matters and probate applications for deceased estates;

Conveyancing Lawyers Wollongong attend to assessment and payment of stamp duty (if applicable);

Conveyancing Lawyers Wollongong arrange registration of the transfer; and

Conveyancing Lawyers Wollongong explain the procedure to you and answer any questions along the way.

Is this transfer part of a separation or divorce?


If you are transferring property due to a separation or divorce, we recommend you obtain family law advice first.

Not only can we advise you on your rights and obligations, but we can ensure you do not have to pay stamp duty on your transfer.

Stamp duty on your transfer


In most circumstances, stamp duty is payable on the transfer of the property. You will need to obtain a valuation first and then we can calculate the amount of stamp duty that will be payable.

Want to get an idea of how much stamp duty you will have to pay? Revenue NSW has a free calculator on their website.

More information –

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Where can I get more information?

Wollongong City Lawyers are available to offer support and quality advice in relation to all aspects of your conveyancing matter. Contact us on (02) 4263 1803 or send us an email.

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Yes – we offer fixed price conveyancing!

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