Wills and Estates

Wollongong City Lawyers provides advice in relation to wills and estates matters. We prepare simple and complex wills and assist with probate matters. We can draft powers of attorney and documents appointing an enduring guardian. 

Wollongong City Lawyers provides advice and assistance on all forms of wills and estates matters including:

wills and estates drafting wills – a fixed fee service is available

wills and estates preparing power of attorney documents (appointing someone to make financial decisions on your behalf)

wills and estates drafting guardianship documents (for the care of children until the age of 18)

wills and estates preparing documents appointing an enduring guardian (someone to make health and lifestyle decisions on your behalf if you lose the capacity to make those decisions yourself)

probate Solicitors applying for a grant of probate

wills and estates assisting an executor to administer a will

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Yes – we charge fixed fees for:

  • preparing wills
  • preparing documents appointing a power of attorney or an enduring guardian
  • probate and administration of estates matters



Most Australians do not have a will prepared, but everyone needs a will!

Wills are not just for the wealthy. If you own real estate, cars, jewellery or other assets of value, or have savings in your bank account, you should ensure you have a  will.

You should also review and update your will when your circumstances change (such as when you get married or divorced).



Wollongong City Lawyers can assist clients with preparing applications of probate and administration of estates.

We can provide advice and guidance to executors who are managing the provision of an estate after a person has deceased.

We provide fixed fee quotes for clients wanting assistance to lodge an application for probate with the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Power of attorney


We charge a fixed fee for preparing and providing advice in relation to a power of attorney document.

A Power of attorney is a document that allows a nominated person to make financial decisions on your behalf. This appointment may operate for a defined period of time or can apply after you lose the capacity to make these decisions for yourself (such as in the case of an accident or if you develop dementia).

Enduring guardian


We can provide advice on and prepare documents for you to appoint an enduring guardian.

An enduring guardian is someone who can make non-financial decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so yourself, including decisions about healthcare and where you will live.

We charge a competitive fixed fee to prepare documents appointing an enduring guardian.

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