Wollongong City Lawyers has family lawyers ready to assist clients reach a quick and fair property settlement.

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Our family lawyers are experienced at helping clients reach a property settlement that is fair.

 We know it’s better for clients if they can reach an agreement on how to divide property. It saves time and money because they don’t have a drawn out legal battle in court. That’s why we will always try to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. However if an agreement cannot be reached, our family lawyers are always prepared to go to court.

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Family lawyers advising you on your rights after a relationship breakdown

Family lawyers assisting you to negotiate a fair property settlement

Family lawyers applying for or responding to claims for spousal maintenance

Family lawyers obtaining an order to split superannuation funds

Family lawyers documenting your agreement in the form of consent orders or a financial agreement

Family lawyers transferring the title of your home from joint names to a single party


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