Wollongong City Lawyers has family law solicitors who are experienced, compassionate and sensitive. We assist many clients with their family law matters, and in particular children’s matters.

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Going through a separation when children are involved is always difficult. We understand it can be hard for people to agree on how much time their children should spend with each parent.

Our family law solicitors approach all children’s matters with sensitivity and compassion. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients to reach an outcome that is best for them and their children.

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family law solicitors child custody (who the children live with)

family law solicitors having contact with children including face to face, telephone, email and skype contact

family law solicitors ongoing financial support of children, including child support assessments and private agreements

family law solicitors urgent proceedings involving international child abduction

family law solicitors making or responding to applications by a parent or carer to relocate with the children to another area, state or country

family law solicitors adoption

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Can my child decide who they want to live with?

It’s hard for parents and children when two people are separating. Parents sometimes struggle to reach an agreement on what is best for their children, and we are often asked whether a child can decide which parent they want to live with. The answer to this question depends on the age and maturity of the child.

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Wollongong City Lawyers has family law solicitors who provide confidential advice in relation to all aspects of family law matters. We offer a free 20 minute consultation for new clients. Contact us on (02) 4263 1803 or send us an email.

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