Wollongong City Lawyers has family law solicitors who can assist clients wishing to adopt a child. Our adoption lawyers are experienced at guiding and supporting clients through the adoption process.

Family Law and Adoption


At Wollongong City Lawyers, our family law solicitors are skilled and experienced with adoption matters. We understand there are many reasons why someone wants to adopt a child, and we approach each matter with sensitivity and compassion. Our adoption lawyers take time to listen to clients and will provide legal advice based on the individual circumstances of each family.


We find that most people who want to adopt a child are already involved in the child’s life. Many adoptions are by foster parents, carers, step-parents and grandparents who are already taking care of the child in question.


Our lawyers will assist clients to prepare, file and finalise the adoption application. We support and guide our clients through the adoption process from start to finish


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Wollongong City Lawyers has family law solicitors who can provide advice on all matters, including adoption. Contact our office to discuss your matter.


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