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Buying off the plan can be exciting and yet daunting. You’re getting a brand new home, but you also want to make sure you’re making a sound financial investment. We can help you understand the process and protect your legal interests for off the plan conveyancing.

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Buying a brand new home or unit off the plan can be exciting. However, off the plan conveyancing carries some risks because you are buying something that is not yet built.

Our legal team can help you minimise the risks by:

Image result for yellow tickassisting you to determine whether are dealing with a reputable developer;

Image result for yellow tickadvising you on the terms of the contract, including the time frame for completion of the purchase (some off the plan purchases can take up to 3 years to settle); and

Image result for yellow ticknegotiating amendments to the contract where necessary to protect your legal interests.

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Stage 1 - commencing your matter


We will:

Off the plan conveyancing Explain the off the plan conveyancing process to you and answer any questions you may have

Off the plan conveyancing Review the contract for sale and provide you with a detailed letter of advice

Off the plan conveyancing Contact the vendor’s solicitor to request amendments to the contract if required

Off the plan conveyancing Guide you through the process of any other enquiries you wish to make including determining whether you are purchasing from a reputable developer

Off the plan conveyancing Arrange for you to sign the contract and pay the deposit

Off the plan conveyancing Send the contract to the seller’s solicitor to be exchanged


Stage 2 - progressing your matter


We will:

Off the plan conveyancing Order all required searches from the local council, water authority and other bodies

Off the plan conveyancing Liaise with your lender to ensure they have all the information required to complete settlement of the purchase

Off the plan conveyancing Draft the property transfer form

Off the plan conveyancing Process your stamp duty payment, including assisting you to complete applications for exemptions and/or concessions where applicable

Off the plan conveyancing Prepare settlement figures and book settlement with your lender and the seller’s solicitor

Off the plan conveyancing Advise you and your lender of payments required at settlement

Stage 3 - finalising your matter


We will:

Off the plan conveyancing Attend to settlement of your purchase

Off the plan conveyancing Inform you and the real estate agent once settlement has been completed

Off the plan conveyancing For purchases without a mortgage, arrange for the title to be registered in your name

Off the plan conveyancing Send you a final reporting letter


Stamp Duty

Want to know how much stamp duty you have to pay? Revenue NSW has a free online stamp duty calculator.

More information – off the plan conveyancing


Worried about buying off the plan?

We have all heard the stories of people who purchased a house or unit off the plan, only to later find out that the property has major structural defects. There have been a number of news stories of tenants in apartments at Homebush and Mascot who have had to move out of their homes indefinitely.


Understandably these recent reports have made others worried about buying property off the plan – particularly a unit within a large apartment complex where the developer / builder may not have Home Owner Warranty Insurance in place.


Fair Trading NSW has published some useful information on their website for persons who are thinking about buying a property off the plan. We recommend looking at this website as a starting point for anyone considering this type of purchase.


Where can I get more information?

We assist with all types of off the plan conveyancing matters. We can help you understand the risks and pitfalls with buying property off the plan, and we can explain what your legal rights would be if things went wrong. Contact us on (02) 4263 1803 or send us an email.

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Yes – we offer fixed price conveyancing!

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